Dive sites

Sharm El Naga is famous for diving on the house reef.

Any time during the day you can decide to explore the reef with its unharmed corals.


The bay is like a huge pool.

Starting from 0 level the sandy bottom slides down slowly to more than 30 meters with drops off

 to about 80 meters depth .

The ideal diving site for both beginners and experienced divers.


By our Zodiacs you can reach the exciting dive sites nearby:

The Wall, Canyon Reef, Coral Garden, Panorama Reef, Sharm El Naga Street,

Sadana Wreck from the mid 18th Century with Amphores, Sadana Point, Sadana Drop Off, Sadana Gorgonia,

Lama Tunnel and Ziyad Cave.

Zodiac: 8 divers, length 6.5m, 2 engines, compass, GPS, depth meter, Maritime phone.